Week 02 Day 09

With best intentions, I had my alarm go off at 6am…and then again 15 minutes later.

And finally at 7am, when it’s time to get ready for work.
If I don’t get up on that first alarm, it ain’t gonna happen.

Until now!

Taking my own advice and going to bed earlier on those days I plan to get up at 6, is the only was to accomplish that. The only time that I plan to get up at 6 is on active rest days. In the instance where I don’t get up at 6am, I can stick to the prescribed 30 minutes of high intensity cardio training, outlined on the website BodyBuilding.com .

During the times when I do get to fit in my proper training, that is spent getting ready for the upcoming 5k run on may 12th. I’m pretty excited to be running in my first event, and will be happy to complete it sub 20 minutes.
As I said, today I didn’t get up early enough so I spent lunch time on the tread-mill.

Stats via RunKeeper

(Stats via RunKeeper)

Back to weights tomorrow for back & biceps + 30 min. cardio.


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