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DTP 4 Week Trainer – Day02: Cardio (1)

Day 02 of the DTP trainer and the plans are for cardio!

Importance of cardio training

Following along the DTP program means working out 4 days a week, and then the days in between consist of a pretty hard cardio training session.
Due to the fact that I cycle every day to work, I’m only going to complete the additional cardio component when possible.


Morning ride to work

Morning ride to work

Today wasn’t one of those instances where I was able to do my cardio component.

In the actual workout plan, Gethin outlines some pretty hardcore training. You can check out his options on
One of the reasons for me not completing the cardio today was that I wasn’t prepred. I didn’t make the time to mentally get ready and say, I need to do a 10km run today, or those circuits set out on the site.

Cardio remains an important part of my daily fitness, which is why I ride to and from work. As a part of this trainer, I would really like to do additional cardio training for 2 out of the 3 days.

An important part, as always, to be successful one needs to be well hydrated and well rested. So on that note, I’m off to bed!



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DTP 4 Week Trainer – Day01: Legs & Upper Abs

Until my next 12 week program, I decided to get started on a 4 week trainer rather than trying to make up my own routine.

The verdict: DTP

Over the past few weeks, my training has gotten a bit lax because I was relying on myself instead of looking at a proper workout plan. The aim is to get back on track and build on that consistent gym routine of 4 days a week + active rest days (cardio) in between.

Rather than letting all my hard work go to waste – I have decided to kick-off a 4 week trainer from

Today’s workout was

Leg Press

10 sets of 50,40,30,20,10,10,20,30,40,50 reps

supersetted with

Calf Press On The Leg Press Machine

10 sets of 40,30,20,10,10,10,10,20,30,40 reps

followed by

Decline Crunch (Performed with weights)

5 sets to failure

Needless to say, my leg’s will be thanking me in about 48 hours when the DOMS hits me. For now, I’m going to rest up and get ready for tomorrow’s cardio.


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Week 01 Day 07

So that is what it feels like to work out with a hangover…

Pretty stupid!

Last night I went out for a friends birthday and we stayed out quite late. Upon waking I knew that I had to have my mindset on still going to the gym, and if I didn’t go straight away, i wasn’t going to go at all…and that’s not an option!
After the workout, surprisingly, I was actually feeling a lot better. I think sweating out all the toxins from my system did me a world of good. Regardless, I don’t think i’ll be doing that again!

The Workout (Shoulders, Chest & Triceps)

  • Dumbbell incline bench press
  • Dumbbell flye
  • Dumbbell lateral raise
  • Seated dumbbell shoulder press
  • Machine triceps pushdown
  • Lying triceps extension

With the promise of “never drinking again”, I know that isn’t going to work… I’m just going to have to put a time limit on last drinks for next time.


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Week 01 Day 06

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and it’s finally starting to feel like Spring is in the air!
With an active rest day today I decided to smash out another run, using the training app to assist with preparing me to run 10k’s.

Mapped run

Today’s running route, up and back

(Stats vis RunKeeper)

Today it was only a short run, but I still got in 30 minutes of activity nice and early on Saturday, leaving me to do what I wanted for the rest of the day.


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Week 01 Day 05

Probably one of the hardest days of the week to workout on – Friday.

It was tough to stay committed to going today but I did persevere and hit the weights after work this evening. I keep telling myself it’s just one little step at a time, and think of the end result, how good it will feel. At the end of each day I have been feeling very happy that I have committed to the decision to make this work, and I am confident I will achieve my goals.

Before the workout, I just wanted to note down some helpful information from the program that I am following.

Pre And Post Workout Nutrition

Two of the most important times to feed your body the fuel it needs are immediately before and after your workout. You’ll also want to consume a high quality source of protein for the amino acids the muscles need to rebuild and repair themselves. If either of these two pieces of the equation are missing, you are not going to get the results you want from your workouts. It’s really can’t-miss nutrition here.

  1. Before the workout, have 1 scoop of Protein Powder with some Oatmeal, this will help you power through.
  2. After your workout the best option is consuming 1 scoop of a high quality Whey Protein Powder along with some fast acting Carbohydrates such as a Banana or a Bagel with Jam.
  3. After you finish your Post-Workout Shake, you should aim to have your next solid food meal within about 45 minutes to an hour as well to help promote maximum recovery.

You have a short window of time after the workout during which your muscles are really going to absorb the nutrients so you must make it a priority to get that post-workout shake and carb snack in.

The Workout (Back & Biceps)

  • Machine lat pulldown
  • Dumbbell bent-over row
  • Barbell squat
  • Preacher dumbbell curl
  • Machine biceps curl

Following this I completed 30 minutes of interval cardio training on the elliptical trainer. And boy, did it feel good after finishing!!!


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Week 01 Day 04

Today is the final day of the full rotation for this program, as I outlined in the overview, it involves the 3 different workouts, push, pull, and kick & crunch, plus a day of cardio.
It’s on to abs and legs today and I’m thinking that maybe I should start adding ab workouts in every day at the end as that’s an area I feel needs a little bit of extra work.
The equipment at the gym I go to is just enough to get by; it’s nothing special and it doesn’t have all the equipment that some of the more hardcore establishments would have, but there’s still enough for now.
So, with that in mind, let’s get to..

The Workout (Legs & Abs)

  • Barbell squat
  • Dumbbell lunges
  • Machine leg curls
  • Machine leg press
  • Machine leg extension
  • Dumbbell calf raises
  • Crunches
  • Hanging leg raises

Overall I’ve been really happy with my efforts this far. Geting up at 6am to go for a run yesterday was something new for me and I’m quite proud of that. It’s made me even consider starting at 6am everyday to get my workout in nice and early so I have the rest of the day to myself (and work). I’ll keep going at normal times for now and see how I feel at the start of week two.


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Week 01 Day 03

Day 3 of the 12 week challenge and my first active rest day.
Since late last year I have been slowly progressing through a runners conditioning program. I started off working my way up to a steady 5K run and it is tough to to fit that in during lunch breaks. Tonight I also had dinner plans for a friends birthday, which meant this evening was out, too. Leaving only the morning, so I had to get up at 6am, have a pre-workout protein drink and a banana, then I was out the door half an hour later.


(Stats via Runkeeper)

Clocking up almost 9km’s in about 40 minutes, it was a pretty consistent pace coming in well under 5 minutes per kilometer. With this in mind, I decided to register for a 5k running event today to test myself.
The event is about 3 weeks away, Sunday 12 May. I realized after registration that I have already booked and paid for a ticket to an all you can drink booze cruise the night before. Regardless, I’m going to stick to my guns and still compete in the event, and I’m just going to have to limit my alcohol intake.. Which is probably a good idea anyway!
Back to the gym tomorrow for legs and abs.


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Bonsai – Week 01

Straight from an online store, I added a few little things to the pot

Straight from an online store, I added a few little things to the pot

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Week 01 Day 02

2nd step of a very long journey – complete!

The aim for me is to take this one step at a time, as a footy coach used to say to me, it’s all about the 1 per centers – they all add up to complete the big picture.

Today was working the push muscles; chest, shoulders and triceps. As there was no cardio, I had time to squeeze in a workout during  my lunch break which made it very intense. In these faster workouts with shorter rest periods, it’s important to focus on form and make sure that the weights and swinging or dropping back to the starting position; that it is all in a controlled fashion. So rather than jumping straight in to heavy weights, I am humbling myself by starting off with some of the lightest weights in the gym.

The Workout (Shoulders, Chest & Triceps) + 30 minutes of interval cardio (treadmill)

  • Dumbbell bench press
  • Incline flyes
  • Seated dumbbell press
  • Dumbbell side laterals
  • Triceps extension
  • Bench dips

As always, it’s important to stretch/warmup and cooldown – even when you are pressed for time, make sure to fit it in.

Overall my energy levels were up during the day today (probably due to some of the nice weather, too), but I was starting to feel a little tired on the way home. Tomorrow I’m going to try and get up extra early as it’s an active rest day which means 30 minutes of cardio, and I always think it’s better to do it earlier than later.


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Week 01 Day 01



Let’s GOOOoooooo! ! ! ! !

Whew, it’s finally here and I got off to quite a good start today! A big part of what’s going to make this whole program is going to be getting myself ready. That mindset is what’s had me psyching myself up for this for the last month. It reminds me of an old phrase my Mum got me to remember:

Proper prior preparation leads to piss poor performance!

Things that I have done thus far to get ready are:Researching lots of different workouts and analysing all the different goals and outcomes to decide on what will be an ideal plan for me. The main reason I decided on this program is that it has reasonably short workouts that I can fit in around my full time job. Also, I think it’s been working well so far by breaking up the workouts in to different muscles groups.
I have also been researching a lot in to dietary supplements to add in to my existing diet, which is already quite healthy. There will be a few things I need to cut down on, but the main reason I have added protein, multi-vitamins and fish-oil to my diet is to give myself a bit of a helping hand.
I have also spent a bit of money investing in new gym clothing; tops, shorts and shoes, because I will be working out 7 days a week, my old gear just won’t cut it.
Finally, another part of important preperation involves planning meals for the week.
There is a plethora of information on different diets and healthy eating plans, but for this I think it’s best not to over complicate things so I’m going to take most of my inspiration (again) from the Body Building website and work with a lot of recipes I already use.

The Workout (Back & Biceps) + 30 minutes of interval cardio (treadmill)

  • Bent over 2-dumbbell row
  • Underhand pullups
  • Standing barbell curl
  • Dumbbell alternating bicep curls

I was pretty excited from wakeup this morning, had a bit of a natural buzz knowing that today was the first day and I did go to bed early especially. Keeping to schedule, as I said, will take a lot of preperation which does include a good nights sleep (7 – 8 hours a night usually suffices).

With that in mind, I’ll sign off for now. Day 1 – complete!

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