One reason I came up with the name of this blog is becauase Bonsai and Fitness are two hobbies that I find myself gravitating towards and I naturally want to find out more about both of them.
My time in London is limited to the middle of 2014 so I really want to make the most of it, while also gaining experience and more knowledge, while also tracking my progress.
Another reason for the name of this blog came about when my dad caught me smoking when I was about 15. He sat me down for a solid talking to and explained how our bodies are like trees. I guess there was something in there about growing beautiful with age but the main point was that with a young tree, if it gets scarred from an early age, that it will grow and spend a lot of it’s younger years with that scar, affecting it’s overall health. If an older tree was to receive that same blow, the scar wouldn’t be as damaging because the tree is larger  and stronger.

With that in mind, I thought while also tracking the progress of my health and fitness over the coming months, it would be nice to also track the progress of my new bonsai. Another reason for this is because when I have started out with gym programs in the past, I usually get disappointed by the slow results. So what I want to do here, by tracking the progress of my body and my bonsai, I hope that it humbles and reminds me that progress takes time. It’s not about the race to the finish line, it’s about the journey! And I’m here to enjoy it 🙂


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