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DTP 4 Week Trainer – Day02: Cardio (1)

Day 02 of the DTP trainer and the plans are for cardio!

Importance of cardio training

Following along the DTP program means working out 4 days a week, and then the days in between consist of a pretty hard cardio training session.
Due to the fact that I cycle every day to work, I’m only going to complete the additional cardio component when possible.


Morning ride to work

Morning ride to work

Today wasn’t one of those instances where I was able to do my cardio component.

In the actual workout plan, Gethin outlines some pretty hardcore training. You can check out his options on BodyBuilding.com
One of the reasons for me not completing the cardio today was that I wasn’t prepred. I didn’t make the time to mentally get ready and say, I need to do a 10km run today, or those circuits set out on the site.

Cardio remains an important part of my daily fitness, which is why I ride to and from work. As a part of this trainer, I would really like to do additional cardio training for 2 out of the 3 days.

An important part, as always, to be successful one needs to be well hydrated and well rested. So on that note, I’m off to bed!



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12 Week LeanBody challenge: complete! Overview Part01

A little over 12 weeks ago…

Obligatory comparison shot

Obligatory comparison shot

Well, it was actually closer to 13 weeks as I had to take a weeks break, due to some nasty food poisoning.

I set out at the start of this year like most. I told myself that I am going to continue on my path to living a healthy lifestyle, go to the gym, eat right… The usual promises.
However, this year I really wanted to see the differences.

The last week of the challenge was actually the hardest for me. (Other than the food poisoning!) I was quite fatigued and I was even finding it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym.  Which was surprising as I have built up a good routine of going to the gym 2 days, having an active rest day, then 2 days on again and so on.
Anyway, I managed to push through and finish off absolutely every single work out. All 84 days!!!

There are parts of my blog where I have missed a day or two, and a few workouts here and there. I even missed out writing up the majority of last week.
I am going to write it all up.

Before I do that though, I am going to write up my general overview of the entire challenge. As it all comes back to me, this evening.

Monday 22 Jul. 13

The main points that I will be going over for this entry will be divided up. Depending on the size, I might have to split it over two or three posts, too.

Pre-training / Research

When I first decided to start going to the gym again, I knew that if I was to see any sort of results, I had to do a bit of study.

I have been in and out of gyms for years now. On and off with sport, I was usually in average shape, being fit enough, but not super fit. I had always had a bit of extra belly flab, too, so I was considering losing a little weight.

The hardest part is always getting started but once you decide on something, eg: “I am going to join a gym.” Everything else starts to fall in to place.

So I joined the gym.

This time I didn’t want to go in there and do full body workouts for hours on end. I didn’t want to waste my precious time sweating away. Not only is that extremely boring, it’s pointless because it just doesn’t work.

One of the best research tools for me of course, is the internet. One resource where I spent a lot of time was on BodyBuilding.com.
I found the site very useful because it offers a range of exercise plans, with full video tutorials. They cover everything from the exercises you can do, the meals you can eat, basically it has everything that you need, for the goals that you want to achieve.

I decided that rather than being massively bulky and getting myself in to shape like some of those extremely talented and dedicated people in the Bodybuilding community, I could still learn from some of their principles, and take those to apply to my own philosophies.

Setting your own goals

Just like the research stage, it’s important that you don’t get too bogged down here.
When starting out with something fresh, I like to set myself goals that I know I can achieve, as long as I am willing to work hard for it.
The options from the workout plans that I was looking at were:

A 12 week trainer – hardcore bodybuilding
A 365 day workout plan – I’m not ready to commit to that (just yet!)
A 3 week shredding diet – f*ck that!
And a few other trimming down options.

The one I chose was the 12 week Lee Lebrada LeanBody Trainer.
My reasons for choosing this came down to sitting through and watching all of thie overview and introductory videos from this, and all the other programs.
Kris Gethin’s 12 week Trainer looks like a really good option for those looking to increase in size (something that I will consider soon). It’s also a really good series to sit through because he takes you to gym every day, so he offers pretty good advice and tips along the way. However, as I was looking to start off simple, the LeanBody program was more suited to my goals.

Basically, my knowledge of the weights and exercises inside of a gym was moderate – I know my way around.
The only problem in the past was that I never really set goals, and never gained the desired results…because I didn’t know what I wanted.

This time, I made the decision to lose some belly flab, tone up, and lay the solid foundation for building upon. By that I mean that I wanted to focus a lot more on form rather than lifting heavy weights. The main reason for this is to ease in to things a bit more.

This is about paving the way for some long term changes. I really wanted to make sure that I was not setting myself up for failure. So rather that saying “I want to gain 15kg’s of lean body mass and be benching 100 in 12 weeks and a 6 pack and run 5k’s in under 20 minutes and this and that…” – I decided to take it slow.
I set myself a goal of completing a 12 week fitness challenge. And that’s it!


Making a start – committing to the decision

Once I made that decision that I wanted to make some long term changes, that I wanted to ease in to it, rather than rushing in to it and potentially injuring myself which might lead to giving up.
The plan for me was simple – follow along a workout plan and continue to eat healthy and nutritious meals.
One aspect of the diet which I was sort of doing yet hadn’t made the conscious decision to, was to commit to 5 – 6 meals a day. Every day I make sure that I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a few smaller snacks every two to three hours/in between. By doing this, it really fired up my metabolism and made sure that I was in a fat burning mode.

After the decision to start a 12 week plan, of course I needed to set a start date. I’m sure the temptation is there to go out and get started right away, and that method might work for some people, but it doesn’t for me. As you can probably tell with all my harping on about research!

I knew that I had a 2 week holiday in March, and another 3 day convention coming up for work. So I decided to set my start date for early April.
Rather than sitting around and thinking about the start date, I decided that I would in fact start hitting the gym – albeit rather lightly. By building up pace slowly I was able to get my body prepped and ready for the challenge when I was ready to start.

Next post is going to be all about that important day:


Ready, Set GO ! ! !

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Mid week motivation

This came up on my news feed and decided to share it here as the guys training, the voice over and the song all work great to get amped up!!!

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Week 04 Day 27

For today’s active rest day, can you guess what I did for my cardio?

That’s right – I went for a ride!

London roads aren’t as scary as I had imagined – though they are still intimidating!
It’s very important to have full attention on the road while riding and be aware of what’s going on around you.
As with any new territories, it’s going to take me some time to get familiar with different areas, roads, shortcuts etc.
For the time being, I have to carry my phone in my pocket with one earphone in and I use an app for GPS/directions.
It’s quite handy but there are still time’s when I need to pull up and double check the map, so i’ll find an easy spot where I can stop briefly and check.

While I am cycling with an earpiece, I am not going to listen to any sort of music because I find it too distracting and can’t hear the traffic around me.
Maybe in the future, when I am more confident with my cycling abilities and am familiar with the traffic.

But for now, the hypnotic beat of the chain turning and my lungs burning is going to suffice.


Stats via RunKeeper

Stats via RunKeeper

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Week 04 Day 26

I could barely contain mye xcitement today when I woke up.  The first thought that was in my head (and probably my last while going to sleep)…

Today is the day that I get my bike!!!

It was a nice and early start this morning to get to the gym BEFORE work (first ever[!]). The reason I had to get my workout in before work today is because after work is the only suitable time when I can go and pick up my new set of wheels. During my lunch break, I had to run out and pick up a helmet and a lock for the bike, too. A friend is lending me some lights and a D-lock temporarily, and he’s also been a great help with picking out a bike (he was the one who came to look at it with me earlier this week.

I had to make sure I was giving myself a good workout this morning, without overdoing it because I knew I had my first ride this evening.

The Workout (Legs & Abs)

  • Barbell squat
  • Dumbbell lunge
  • Barbell dead lift
  • Machine leg curls
  • Single leg dumbbell calf raise
  • Lying bench curl
  • Crunches
  • Hanging leg raises

As I said, I really had to make sure I didn’t over do it with the legs, as I’d be needing them for tonight’s ride – which turned out to be totally awesome and I’m very excited to keep on cyclin’!


My first ride - Stats via Run Kepper

My first ride – Stats via Run Kepper

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Week 04 Day 24

Bit of a switch up for today as it was meant to be a scheduled rest day. However, I had a friend of mine who made plans and we went to the gym together. He’s actually a personal trainer so it was good to have him join me for the workout today.
Mostly my form was all pretty good, which is good as a did I post about it yesterday. The best part was having someone there to motivate me and push me a bit harder than I work when I’m on my own. Not only was I lifting heavier weights in the 3rd set, which is to failure, but I actually surprised myself at how many reps I managed to push out on each final set.
Still, when I work on my own I’m going to keep progressing at my own pace. A big factor for me sticking to the lower weights, is that the gym I attend isn’t fully kitted out with overly heavy weights and I want to utilise what is available.

The Workout (Shoulders, Chest & Triceps)

  • Dumbbell Bench Press
  • Flat Bench Flyes
  • Dumbbell Side Laterals
  • Seated Barbell / Military Press
  • Triceps Pushdown
  • Lying Barbell Triceps Extensions / Skull crushers

Also, at the end of the workout, my mate showed me an awesome Ab workout routine that I’m now going to add at the end of each session to really fire up my core!


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Week 02 Day 14

Konnichiwa! Watashi wa Adam desu.

Excuses don’t burn calories

As you can probably guess, I had my first Japanese lesson yesterday and am pretty excited to pursue it.
I’m thinking that with work and gym I can only fit in no more than 2 hours a week, and that is better than nothing.

Also, last night I went to a house party and didn’t get home til quite late. My girlfriend and I did leave the party at a decent hour but the late night London busses delayed our bed time by another 2 hours. Regardless, I managed to get up this morning and fit in a new class: Yoga!
I had to call up and book in advance earlier in the week, and I planned it on a day that is a mixed workout for Back & Biceps + 30 minutes of cardio. I decided to swap the cardio and do a yoga class instead. Thinking it would be a good idea to mix things up a little bit and also spend some time properly stretching. This is also something I want to start doing more (another positive life change- yay!). Furthermore, next Sunday is my first running event – a 5K run around a local park. As yet, I’m running by myself, but I’m going to try and convince some friends to join me.

Anyway, let’s get on to todays workout.

So, as I mentioned, I had a 60 minute Yoga class beforehand, then;

The Workout (Back & Biceps)

  • Bent Over Two-Dumbbell Row
    2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 2 min rest
  • Lat pulldowns
    2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 2 min rest
  •  Hyperextensions
    2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 2 min rest
  • Barbell dead lift
    2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 2 min rest
  •  Concentration Curls
    2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure 2 min rest
  • Barbell Curl
    2 sets of 10-12 reps, 1 set to failure

Onwards and upwards, I’m gonna keep on lifting!


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This Weeks Mantra

From Kaypacha’s Astrology Forecast for May 1, 2013

This is taking more than I thought,
I never seem to have enough,
But since time is the test of desire,
I will continue to walk through these rings of fire.
This is definitely a time to be cleaning the karmic house before being “allowed” to move on.

From Kaypacha’s Astrology Forecast for April 24, 2013

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