Week 07 Days 44 – 46

I’m doing a summary of the past few days because I’ve fallen a little behind and it’ll be easier than going through and backdating posts.

Still following the day to day plan, riding to and from work, and hitting the gym with active rest days, too.

A lot of time after work this week has been spent getting food prepped for the following days. It’s a time consuming process, and I’m thankful that my gf is putting in so much effort to make sure we are getting healthy meals every time.

I’ve also started researching a bit more in to how much protein I should be taking in each day as I think I might be taking too much.

Apparently there’s only a certain amount of protein your body can process each day and also loses a certain amount naturally.
Depending on how much physical activity you do also impacts how much you should take.
Now that I have started riding about 30km’s a day, it means I have to eat quite a bit more so I don’t run out of energy (or burn up too much muscle mass!)

For the remainder of this challenge, I’m going to drop my protein to 20g’s per shake, instead of 30.
Also, I’m going to cut my creatine intake by half and keep it to post workout only.

These decisions were spurred on somewhat by The Hodge Twins.

Will have to update the past couple days later on.

Day 44
Legs & Abs

Day 45
Active rest day

Day 46

The Workout (Back & Biceps)

  • Bent-over barbell row
  • Lat pull down
  • Barbell deadlift
  • Alternating dumbbell curl
  • Preacher curl

I was feeling a little weaker in the left arm this week so I did two reps for every one I did with my right arm.


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