Week 06 Day 39 – Active rest day

Bit of a minor deviation with the food plan today. It definitely didn’t say anything about greasy cheeseburgers fitting in with the diet..

Though, with the 20 odd kilometres that I cycled today, those greasy burgers should have burned right off!

So burgers… or burgers? (img src: flickr.com)

At the start of the week my girlfriend started following a new food plan and I decided that I’d give it a go, too. Seeing as this 12 week program is a ‘lean body’ challenge. I have been eating quite healthily, with a few slip ups here and there.
Tonight, for example, when we went out for dinner with some friends from back home, that are in London this week. We all met up and went for some dinner. The menu was pretty limited, with not much on offer other than bbq chicken thighs, or grilled cheese burgers, I opted for the burger on a white bun (no choice there).  So far I have been out for dinner twice this week, and neither were the healthiest of choices or in line with the new meal plan.
This new meal plan only lasts for 4 weeks, which will take me through to the start of week 10.

I plan to take away some ideas for healthy snacking and main meal variations, too.
It’s going to work best if I really do stick to it.

Also, recently a few people have complimented me; saying how well I look and like I have lost weight, that I’ve been working out etc.
It’s definitely a nice feeling to receive positive feedback. It tells me that I’m on the right track.

Back to the weights tomorrow for a tough day of legs and abs.

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