Week 06 Day 36

Welcome back!

It’s the start of week 6 (take 2 – last week was put on hiatus thanks to that food poisoning), but I’m feeling 100% again and ready to kick some ass!! Just to remind myself of how I’m doing, I wanted to post a photo of myself today compared to the start of this challenge.  Sorry for the indecent exposure!

Week 1 - 6 comparison

Week 1 – 6 comparison

I have been keeping week by week progress of with photos, measurements, as well as taking note of the positive feedback I hear from friends close to me.

Making these positive changes in my life, by committing to this 12 week program and attending the gym consistently, eating healthy, and frequent rides, it’s all steps in the right direction. Getting positive feedback is fuel to keep moving forward, too.

So after a week long bout with the food poisoning issue, I feel like I’m ready to jump straight back in and hit it hard!
I did complete workouts both days over the weekend, to follow suit today it was a scheduled active rest day. I just went back and did the same workouts for last Saturday and Sunday. The 50 minute rides today, to and from work, suffice for cardio from now on.

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