Halfway point for my 12 week challenge & 1 week setback

Speeding my way through this 12 week challenge, there has been a minor setback.

Unfortunately, I had the dirty dirty unfortunate downfall of food poisoning!!!

Since Sunday night, I have been out of action after eating some dodgy takeaway food.

Monday and Tuesday were definitely out.

Wednesday and today have been a bit questionable.

And I did go in to work both days,
with all of my gym gear packed.

After work, however, I just needed to be home.

There’s not much one can do when the body
doesn’t want to eat, other than try
to eat at regular intervals.

This is about as exciting as it gets!

Dry toast
Mash potato
Chicken broth
Popcorn (plain)
Toast with Vegemite.

Important as always, I’ve been sure to be drinking water. And with an upset tummy, it’s a good idea to increase your water intake just that little bit, too.

This week has been a minor setback in what has otherwise been a good journey.
There’s quite a few things that I have in mind that I need to work on. I’m going to use this week to re-assess and set more goals.

Before getting things back on track for Monday,

I’m going to familiarise myself with the upcoming workouts,
prepare myself a bit more for the daily commute,
choose a date for a 5k and a 10k running events,
start thinking about what will be my next 12 week challenge!


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