Week 05 Day 33

Just another active rest day…
I wish it was chest day…

There’s an important note in today’s video about positive self talk and the importance of keeping a positive mindset.
Having all of my workout planned in advance makes things at the gym a world easier as I don’t have to waste any time between exercises deciding what to do.

I would have to agree with Lee here that the importance of mindset is critical. It’s easy to fall in to the trap of telling yourself “I’ll do it later” and falling behind. Personally, I like to try and think of a reason why I should do something, instead of making an excuse as to why I can’t.

There’s a challenge in the tutorial (found here) that I’m going to have a go at:

“Try this exercise for one week – every time you say something negative about yourself or your progress, state two positive things you have done, and then repeat those to yourself. You’ll find that by developing a habit of doing this, you’ll feel much better about yourself and you may have an easier time sticking with your goals as well.”

30 minutes of high intensity cardio for today as it’s another active rest day. This program is becoming easier as the weeks progress and I am aware of what my fitness goals are for the day. Tomorrow I’ve scheduled in another day at the gym with my mate who is a personal trainer. Going to push it hard for a whole upper body workout.


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