Week 05 Day 30

One of the weirder things that I’ve had to carry around with me, I decided today, would definitely have to be a rear wheel for a bike.

Cycle or bust

Cycle or bust

Riding the tube (to get my tube fixed) wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be. The morning crowd seemed thinner and not as pushy, even though I stuck myself in the corner with my oversized accessory. There were one or two strange looks exchanged and I was careful not to to get any of the grease from the rear cassette on any of the commuters.
After work I got my 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, and then had to visit old mate who sold me the bike.

The bike which has suffered two punctures in just as many days.

In the same tyre!

Anyway. The guy took the tyre off, replaced the inner tape on the rims, replaced the tube, and that was that.
I almost asked for a refund for the £15 I had to pay out at Halford’s. But, he did a good job, and as long as this tyre puts in the good, long, hard yards, then i’ll be a happy customer.




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