Week 04 Day 27

For today’s active rest day, can you guess what I did for my cardio?

That’s right – I went for a ride!

London roads aren’t as scary as I had imagined – though they are still intimidating!
It’s very important to have full attention on the road while riding and be aware of what’s going on around you.
As with any new territories, it’s going to take me some time to get familiar with different areas, roads, shortcuts etc.
For the time being, I have to carry my phone in my pocket with one earphone in and I use an app for GPS/directions.
It’s quite handy but there are still time’s when I need to pull up and double check the map, so i’ll find an easy spot where I can stop briefly and check.

While I am cycling with an earpiece, I am not going to listen to any sort of music because I find it too distracting and can’t hear the traffic around me.
Maybe in the future, when I am more confident with my cycling abilities and am familiar with the traffic.

But for now, the hypnotic beat of the chain turning and my lungs burning is going to suffice.


Stats via RunKeeper

Stats via RunKeeper

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