Week 03 Day 18

My favourite part about active rest days:

Lacing up: Just do it

Lacing up: Just do it

Besides the early start and running through empty streets in the freezing cold, which I do actually enjoy.. Lacing up my new runners is probably one of the best feelings!
I bought these shoes specifically for running, and don’t use them at the gym so I get that an extra kick out of putting them on. I know that it sounds materialistic, and I don’t normally get so attached to shoes, but I think it’s more to do with the fact that they’re super comfy and I feel like it was a investment for my health! (Plus, I saved £40 when I bought them 😉 hehe)

Anwho, today is my last practice run before sunday’s 5K event so I use my usual ‘5K to 10k’ training App. which conveniently falls on a ‘Steady Run’ day today. This uses a 5 min warmup and cool down at the start, which slows my overall time down a bit, but I use to track total distance.

5k-to-10k App

5k-to-10k App

And then when it’s run time, I also have RunKeeper open to track my running time/pace.

Sats vis RunKeeper

Sats vis RunKeeper

2 days to go – and I’m getting pretty excited for my first ever race! Also, a friend is going to be joining me on race day which will be good for support – I’m really looking forward to it!


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One thought on “Week 03 Day 18

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