Bonsai collection: Bob

Towards the end of 2011 when I first started getting interested in bonsai, I came across a very helpful and inspiring set of video’s on Youtube, belonging to a bloke named Graham Potter.
His work is absolutely incredible! I had never seen so much dedication to creating such masterful works of art. From the basic wiring of a tree to using a blow torch on the wood and power tools to carve out areas to give the tree age, his skills were at a level I had never even dreamed of!

Recently, since arriving in the UK, I thought I’d get in contact with Graham via his website,, seeing as we are a little bit closer geographically, than previously when I was back in Australia.
Graham was nice enough to respond and he also gave me a contact of his that is closer to where I live in London. This contact, Bob, was super friendly and even kind enough to let me pay a visit to his fantastic collection, which I did on Thursday evening this week. Bob told me about his history with bonsai, walked me around his private collection (even sharing a few tips and tricks along the way), and one piece of advice I found really helpful is that Bob documents every single tree that he has ever owned.
Essentially it is a (very thick) D-ring binder, chock full with images of trees that he has been given, bought or that he has collected. Every single plant is given a reference number and then he tracks the progress of the tree. It has become like a bonsai bible, he says.
One major disadvantage I’m facing at the moment is that I can’t start my own proper collection while living abroad, because I just can’t keep them! So in the mean time, I plan to learn as much as possible from these industry professionals. I’m very excited because in the next few months there are some upcoming bonsai shows which will be a great opportunity to check out some of the local talent, as well as making some connections over here.

Anyway, this post is meant to be about Bob and his beautiful collection of bonsais, so…

Take a walk with me,



IMG_6829  IMG_6827 IMG_6828

IMG_6834 IMG_6830 IMG_6831 IMG_6832


Son of a beech! A page from Bob's bonsai bible

Son of a beech! A page from Bob’s bonsai bible

Blossoming collection

Blossoming collection

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2 thoughts on “Bonsai collection: Bob

  1. bonsology says:

    Maybe while you are there you could help at a nursery as an apprentice to gain experience. 🙂

    • addosh says:

      That’s a handy idea, thanks!! I’ve had a look but I can’t find any specific bonsai nurseries close by. I work during the week but maybe I could volunteer on the weekend 🙂

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