Week 01 Day 01



Let’s GOOOoooooo! ! ! ! !

Whew, it’s finally here and I got off to quite a good start today! A big part of what’s going to make this whole program is going to be getting myself ready. That mindset is what’s had me psyching myself up for this for the last month. It reminds me of an old phrase my Mum got me to remember:

Proper prior preparation leads to piss poor performance!

Things that I have done thus far to get ready are:Researching lots of different workouts and analysing all the different goals and outcomes to decide on what will be an ideal plan for me. The main reason I decided on this program is that it has reasonably short workouts that I can fit in around my full time job. Also, I think it’s been working well so far by breaking up the workouts in to different muscles groups.
I have also been researching a lot in to dietary supplements to add in to my existing diet, which is already quite healthy. There will be a few things I need to cut down on, but the main reason I have added protein, multi-vitamins and fish-oil to my diet is to give myself a bit of a helping hand.
I have also spent a bit of money investing in new gym clothing; tops, shorts and shoes, because I will be working out 7 days a week, my old gear just won’t cut it.
Finally, another part of important preperation involves planning meals for the week.
There is a plethora of information on different diets and healthy eating plans, but for this I think it’s best not to over complicate things so I’m going to take most of my inspiration (again) from the Body Building website and work with a lot of recipes I already use.

The Workout (Back & Biceps) + 30 minutes of interval cardio (treadmill)

  • Bent over 2-dumbbell row
  • Underhand pullups
  • Standing barbell curl
  • Dumbbell alternating bicep curls

I was pretty excited from wakeup this morning, had a bit of a natural buzz knowing that today was the first day and I did go to bed early especially. Keeping to schedule, as I said, will take a lot of preperation which does include a good nights sleep (7 – 8 hours a night usually suffices).

With that in mind, I’ll sign off for now. Day 1 – complete!

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