Pre-training (1 week until start)

My last entry mentioned that I’d be doing a cardio day on Saturday, which I completed

  • 5.5km run in 27 minutes
    (Average pace: 4.38 min/km)

Sunday also consisted of a 30 minute cardio with the back & biceps workout which was as follows:

The Workout

  • Barbell bent-over row
  • Underhand pulldown
  • Dead lift
  • Dumbbell bicep curls
  • Drag curl

It was a challenge to go on a sunday, especially because I made plans to meet with friends at 1pm. To get around this, I got up earlier enough to fit in a workout beforehand. Also, we were meeting up to go for a picnic. This allowed me to bring along my own lunch, which works well as I got to control what I was eating.

One of the reasons I postponed the start date for this 12 week challenge, is due to a work trip this week that has me going to Bulgaria from Wednesday til Friday. It’s for a work conference so there will be a lot of sitting around and buffet food, so I will do my best to stick to small portions, and maintain 5 – 6 meals per day. Of course, if time permits, I will have to fit in a couple of workouts.

The main workout takes 30 – 45 minutes and when I do a Shoulders, chest & Triceps workout, it includes 30 minutes of cardio, too. So as time will be limited while I’m in Bulgaria,  it will be best to opt for the longer workout tomorrow, then do some shorter workouts if time permits.

No excuses!

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